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The Governors are your representatives and are a way in which you can have a say in the development of your local hospital services. Our Governors are happy to discuss future developments or key issues facing your local hospitals.  You can email each Governor direct by using the links below each of their profiles. Alternatively contact the Foundation Trust Office on +44 (0)114 2714322 who will be happy to pass your comments or message onto a Governor.

Jo Bishop, Public Governor, North -Re-elected 2011

Jo has been a Public Governor since 2008. She retired from Weston Park Hospital where she worked on the switchboard and as a receptionist. Jo is involved with several groups in the Trust including the Vulnerable Adults Strategy Group, the No Smoking Group, Arts in Health and the Carers Strategy Group. Jo is happiest chatting with patients, out and about round the wards talking to and getting feedback from them and their visitors. She firmly believes that the way forward is communication in getting things right for patients. She is passionate about the welfare and safety of patients and staff.

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George Clark, Public Governor, North, Re-elected 2011

George was elected as a Governor in 2008, having retired in November 2006. He previously worked in the NHS for over 35 years, the last 26 as a Consultant Anaesthetist at the Northern General Hospital. As a Governor he is a member of the Governors’ Council Nominations Committee and the Flu Pandemic Steering Group. George is also interested in the current reconfiguration of services across the Trust. He lives in Grenoside, in the North of Sheffield.

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  John Warner, Public Governor, Re-elected 2011

John became a Governor following his election in July 2008 having retired five years earlier after a career in the Inland Revenue where he managed the UK Debt Recovery Division. As a Governor he is currently a member of the Cardiovascular Biomedical Research Patient Panel. He is also a lay member of the Clinical Ethics Committee. He takes a keen interest in the developing Reconfiguration of the Sheffield Hospitals.

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  Michael Warner, Patient Governor - Re-elected 2012

Michael was born and has lived in Sheffield for most of his life. He became a Member of the Trust in 2009 and decided to stand for election as he believes that local people should have a voice in the way their health services are provided. He has always cared about health issues and wanted to have the opportunity to serve local people by helping to promote excellent local health services. He has had a varied career including working in banking, NHS administration and charity work, including involvement with St Luke’s Hospice and more recently in the development of the Bluebell Wood children’s hospice.

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Graham Thompson, Patient Governor - Re-elected 2011

Graham is a retired regulatory affairs manager with a local medical device company. His late wife was a deputy matron in obstetrics and gynaecology. His career in industry, often dealing with personnel issues, is valuable in his role as a Governor representing the community. Graham is active in a number of Trust working committees including the Patient Environment Group, Clinical Effectiveness Audit and the Sustainability Group. He has been on interview panels for senior nursing posts and is a member of the Biomedical Research Panel. Graham has represented the Trust at Department of Health meetings regarding Healthcare Acquired Infections.

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Kath Parker - Patient Governor elected 2012

Kath was elected as a Patient Governor in July 2012 having been a member of the Trust since 2004. In 2006 Kath retired from nursing at the Sheffield hospitals after 39 years service in the NHS.

Kath believes that the NHS is facing a very challenging time and it is necessary not only to maintain the excellent practices which have given Sheffield Teaching Hospitals its good reputation, but also to focus on new innovations affecting patients and their carers.

As a Governor Kath expects to be in a position to contribute to various committees, as well as listening to patients’ views which she says are vital because without this information it is difficult to judge whether or not the Trust is on the right track. Recently she has become a member of the Patient Panel attached to the Cardiovascular Biomedical Research Unit and is looking forward to playing a part in this group.

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Joyce Justice - Public Governor South East Sheffield – Elected 2012

Joyce was elected as a Public Governor in July 2012. Joyce lived in Nottingham but moved to Sheffield four years ago. Prior to retirement she was a medical secretary to a consultant physician in a large teaching hospital where she believes she learned a lot about patient care. Joyce loved her job and the contact she had with patients and was delighted to be elected as a Governor representing South East Sheffield. She is passionate about the NHS and maintaining and improving patient care. Joyce has joined the Patient Panel of the Cardiovascular Biomedical Research Unit, the Committee that has an overview of the Trust’s Quality Report and has joined a group carrying out real time monitoring of patients’ views. Joyce says she is impressed with the changes that are taking place in our Sheffield hospitals in order to promote safer and better patient care.

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Sue Taylor - Public Governor representing South West Sheffield

I worked in the NHS for 40 years before I retired last year from my post at Sheffield Children’s Hospital where I was employed for nearly 20 years as Office Manager in the Paediatric Surgical Unit. I served two terms of office (6 years) as a Staff Governor at the Children’s Hospital and during that time I had the opportunity to be involved with patient surveys and care which I hope will continue in my new role at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.

As a Governor I will be in a position to participate on committees concerned with the quality of patient care and also contribute to decisions on the Trust’s plans for the future and I am looking forward to being able to express to the Board the views of local Members who I represent, which hopefully will make a difference. I have a keen interest in helping patients and making sure that a high quality service of care and safety is available for all users of our local hospitals.

Sally Craig - Public Governor Sheffield South West

Sally was elected as a Public Governor for South West Sheffield in 2014. She feels very privileged to have been elected and will endeavour to work towards helping to make the patient experience a better journey in the Trust.

Sally’s involvement with the NHS over 30 years as a dental practitioner, both within and outside the hospital environment, has made her aware of the complexity of the Trust and how budget constraints have to be weighed against the demand for services as effectively as possible at this challenging time for health care services both for provider and user.

Having experienced the service from both perspectives Sally believes that good communication from all involved is essential and positive usage of electronic resources can complement the process.

Dorothy Hallatt - Patient Governor

Dorothy was elected as a governor in 2014. She was born in Sheffield and her parents owned a surgical scissor and instrument manufacturing business in the city where the extended family have lived for generations. She is married with one daughter and a new baby grand daughter.

In her leisure time Dorothy has been a keen amateur ballroom and Latin dancer having competed at national level winning many championships with her husband and although she has now hung up her competitive dance shoes she now enjoys Argentine tango as a social activity. Her career roles, initially as a senior manager in the higher education sector and latterly as an Organisation Development Consultant working at strategic level within the NHS, Prison Service, Public sector and multinational organisations has given her an in depth understanding of the many challenges organisations face. She is keen to work in an appropriate Governor capacity at Board and ward level to ensure being effective and proactive in her new role.

Dorothy is proud and delighted to have been elected as a Patient Governor. She was drawn to the role after enjoying time as a patient feedback volunteer at NGH having found her time on the wards extremely rewarding. She is passionate about exceptional patient care, the development of future services and staff welfare. She is looking forward to carving excellent relationships across the Trust and being a proactive member of the wider team.

Jacquie Kirk - Public Governor Outside Sheffield Elected 2014 – 2017

Jacquie was elected to the Outside Sheffield Constituency in 2014. She was born and bred in Sheffield but moved to live “over the border” in Dronfield a year ago. She is married with three children and six teenage grandchildren. Her interests include genealogy, reading, astronomy and ice hockey - watching not playing ! She is a member of the U3A which affords her the opportunity to continue to learn and develop new skills in a social environment. Jacquie and her husband used to enjoy hill walking and holidays abroad but as he has COPD their travels are now restricted to the more accessible areas of the UK. They have a very active King Charles Cavalier spaniel and Jacquie enjoys daily walks with him exploring the plethora of public footpaths in and around Dronfield.

Jacquie retired in January 2013 having worked closely for over 30 years. During the latter 21 years of her working life she was a Senior Manager with a global manufacturer and supplier of medical equipment and support services. She is passionate about and has a good understanding of the NHS with a keen interest in all aspects of patient care and staff welfare in both the primary and secondary care environments.

Jacquie is delighted to have been elected as Governor. She knew before she retired that she wanted to work on a voluntary basis in a role that would be challenging and that would enable her, if possible, to utilise her skills and experience. As a Governor she hope to be able to contribute to the continuing success of the Trust by getting involved at board, directorate and ward levels with staff and patients.

Lewis Noble, Public Governor, West Sheffield - elected 2015

Originally from the West Country Lewis trained in Sheffield as a social worker and has spent almost all his adult life here. He worked at the Spinal Injuries Centre at Lodge Moor and latterly at the Northern General Hospital. Lewis retired from full-time work in 2006 and then worked part-time as a consultant to a spinal cord injury care provider, visiting hospitals and spinal cord injured people throughout England and Wales.

As a new Governor, Lewis says it is difficult to predict the role he can most usefully play – he is still getting to grips with the structures and processes involved. In view of his work and personal experience he is interested in issues such as discharge planning and the interface between care inside and outside hospital. He has also always been interested in issues around medical ethics. He is looking forward to making a contribution.

Spencer Pitfield, Public Governor, South West Sheffield, elected 2015

A professional musician, Spencer has lived and worked in Africa and Europe. He undertook his PhD in British Clarinet Music at the University of Sheffield and taught music at Purcell School of Music in London and now leads the instrumental department at Birkdale School in Sheffield, he is also Director of the Sheffield School of Rock and Pop. Spencer is the Conservative Party’s spokesman for Sheffield and South Yorkshire. He believes that the Trust plays a crucial role in peoples’ lives in Sheffield and the wider community and as a governor Spencer says he wants to champion the very highest levels of care for all patients and their families and will focus on privacy and dignity and cleanliness standards.

Dick Williams, Patient Governor, elected 2015

Originally from Wales, Dick is a solicitor and after working in a rural practice moved to work in Africa. He returned to England, becoming a partner in a Norfolk firm of solicitors where he was also active in the local community playing rugby and cricket and singing with local choirs and was involved in local and national politics and a county councillor for a time. Dick moved to Sheffield in 1992 where he became an Employment Judge until retirement in 2013. Dick has been involved in local and national politics and as a County councillor served on education and social services committees on his then local health authority. He has been involved with a number of charities including British Kidney Patients Association, SCOPE and St John’s Ambulance. He considers the NHS to be very precious and will do his utmost to safeguard it.

Ian Merriman, Public Governor, South East Sheffield, elected 2015

Ian has lived in Sheffield all his life. After serving his apprenticeship as a toolmaker he progressed to become manager of the computer controlled machine section then moved on to become technical and service director of a materials handling company in Manchester and prior to retirement he was quality manager at a company in Huddersfield.

Since retiring Ian has been involved in voluntary work visiting patients prior to surgery on the Chesterman Wards at NGH, is also a member of the Sheffield Open Heart Club (SHOC) and is involved with the Stroke Unit at RHH talking about his experiences as a carer of a stroke victim. Ian is also involved in stroke research (Aphasia) jointly with the NHS and the University of Sheffield.

Ian believes that his experiences as a former patient on the heart unit at NGH and as a carer will help in his new role as a governor.


Mick Ashman, Public Governor, North – elected 2016

Mick came to Sheffield from London over 30 years ago to train as a nurse.  He developed a strong affection for Sheffield and stayed in South Yorkshire.

On qualifying Mick worked as a staff nurse at the Northern General Hospital and now teaches at the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Sheffield.

Throughout his time in Sheffield he has lived in the north east of the city, in Fir Vale and Pitsmoor, and is pleased to have been elected as a Governor to represent an area of Sheffield that he feels very attached to and is looking forward to represent users of the NHS in the north of Sheffield.

Mick believes that effective governance is important in any organisation, particularly those that deliver healthcare. He considers that his experience and skills will ensure he is effective as a Governor.

Jennifer Booth, Patient Governor – elected 2016

Jennifer regards it as an honour and a privilege to have been elected as a Patient Governor and thanks all those who voted for her.

She is a retired secondary school teacher, having taught religious education for many years. Since retiring she has looked after mother
single-handedly, day and night, 24 hours a day, until her mother’s death at 100 years old.

Jennifer would like all patients to feel respected, welcome  and valued and happy with their treatments and visitors to be treated with
understanding. She admires the hospital staff and wants them to feel respected and valued. Jennifer hopes that patients, visitors and staff will find her approachable and will talk to her about things that affect them.

Peter Hewkin, Patient Governor – elected 2016

Peter was born and lives in Worksop; he has been a patient at 3 of the Trust’s hospitals and is looking forward to his first term of office as a governor. He is keen to engage with issues of end-of-life care and dementia treatment and has joined the Trust’s Dementia Research Patient and Public Involvement Group

Peter has experience working on committees and believes he has strong communication skills (RAF officer and physics teacher) but most crucially he has experience as a relative of a hospital patient and as a patient himself. He hopes to put more back into the hospitals which have treated him very well and he is also keen to encourage Trust Members’ participation in the various events proffered by the Trust.

Martin Hodgson, Public Governor West – elected 2016

Martin is pleased to have been elected to represent Members in West Sheffield. He has a background in a large public sector organisation which he believes will assist him as a Governor.

Originally from Bradford but now living in Hangingwater he spent almost 35 years in the Inland Revenue where in his role as a regional
director he quickly learned that if as a leader you concentrate too much on processes and targets you are in danger of overlooking the most important ingredient of the mix – the people and as a Governor would like to get involved in activities relating to Human Resources. Martin believes he has a lot to learn about the Trust
and the wider NHS and will approach the task with relish

Nev Wheeler, Public Governor South East – elected 2016

Prior to being elected as a Governor at STH Nev had been a Governor with Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS FT for 9 years (the maximum time allowed) and he is now looking forward to his new role.

Nev is keen to find out all he can about the Trust where he has been a patient on many occasions and received excellent care. Before retiring Nev spent a lifetime in education having been a head teacher in 3 schools. He also has a life-long involvement in sport and, having previously managed a semi-professional football club for many years, he is well aware of the value of teamwork which he says is not confined to sports teams but all walks of life where people are working together towards a common goal. By helping to develop teamwork among Governors and Trust Members I believe that much can be achieved.


Dylan Caffell – Management, Admin and Clerical – elected 2015
Cath Hemingway – Primary and Community Services - elected 2015
Irene Mabbott – Nursing and Midwifery – elected 2015
Chris Monk – Allied Health Professionals, Scientists and Technicians – first elected 2012 re-elected 2015
Craig Stevenson – Ancillary, Works and Maintenance –first elected 2015, re-elected 2015
John West – Doctors and Dentists – elected 2015



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